Learn About My Rehab Expert

Not All Rehab Providers Are The Same

All rehab providers have basic competencies, but each provider is as unique as you are.  Find a therapist with the experience and advanced training to treat your condition.

Connect with a therapist who shares your passions and will understand what drives you.

Why The Right Provider Matters

Save money.  Today’s medical insurances demand high premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.  Know that you made the right investment the first time.

Major injuries or surgeries are life-altering events.  Receive guidance from professionals with the experience in treating people with your exact condition.



Will I Need a Physician's Order?

In short, no.  Every state has now passed a law allowing Direct Access to physical therapy.  However, some states may have restrictions of treatment or provisions on time allowed with a therapist.  It is also a good idea to confirm coverage with your insurance and to discuss treatment prior to your first visit with the therapy provider.

Our Story

As Physical Therapists, we have invested years into specialized training.  However, we came to the realization that our community still didn’t know the full extent of our services.  After working in numerous clinics, we found that many medical rehab professionals are having the same difficulties with sharing their skill-sets with the public.  My Rehab Expert is a way to bridge that gap to help those in pain by connecting them with an appropriate provider so they can get back to pursuing their passions.


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Chris & Lauren